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Entering your first race

12/02/2019 by

The Forest of Dean has always been a hotbed for grass route racing, but over the last 4 years it has become even more accessible!

Racing is a great way of bringing out your competitive streak, pushing your riding skills, and meeting new like-minded individuals.

Every winter the Mini Downhill runs 3 to 4 races with categories from Little Rippers (10-12) all the way through to Grand Veterans (50+).

All the races are on 2 Dot downhill trails, meaning that they aren’t out of the reach of regular Mountain Bike riders.

In the summer MIJ Racing run a similar series run from the cycle centre, so you can race at the centre all year round!

The Little Fodders kids club run a race for children from the age of 5+ every 6 weeks and is perfect for children looking to do their first proper mountain bike race – with raceboards, practice runs and electronic timing.

These races are a great stepping stone to the bigger events around the country, and have both an easier and more advanced course, so the kids can progress as their skills develop!

Additionally, Little Fodders offer weekly coaching sessions for the kids with over 50 kids attending every week, but these have been so popular there is a waiting list!

Bit nervous about entering a race as you don’t know what to expect? Wye MTB run Ladies Progressive Downhill coaching sessions to help give women the skills and confidence to tackle their first Downhill Race.

The 3 sessions aim to tackle a different downhill track each week focusing on sessioning different technical sections, aiming to give you both the technical and mental skills to improve your riding.

So no more excuses! Give yourself a great goal, book yourself into a race and maybe some coaching to help build your confidence and skills before your first race!