Rider taking part in FOD Thursday event

FOD Thursdays Are Back!

06/17/2024 by

June is one of our favourite times of year, as it is the start of the Pedalabikeaway FOD Thursday series! FOD Thursday is when the team tape out an enduro style track and bring in timing equipment, so you can measure how quickly you ride the trail!

How It Works
You collect your timing chip from the café, and each time you complete a full run your times pop up on the café TV, so you can track your runs as you go through the evening. The timings go live from 4.30pm for 12-18 years old to do some laps, straight from school, with adults’ timing going live from 6pm-dark. It is a great opportunity to have some fun with your mates and session a trail!

Why Session A Trail?
Sessioning a trail is a great way to improve your skills. You get repeated practice over the same course, and can learn from your mistakes and put them right on the next run. It’s something a lot of adult mountain bikers don’t do enough of, and why kids get so fast so quick! Repeatability is also great for getting your bike set up perfectly, making small tweaks to suspension, tyre pressure, bar roll or even brake lever position. Just don’t go changing them all at once if you want to feel the difference!

Who is it for?
All mountain bikes are welcome, electric or analog, hardtail or full suspension….So why not come and join us for 2024 Series of FOD Thursdays. You can grab your place here – limited to just 100 people each week.

The café is open until 9pm too, so after getting as many runs in as you can manage, you can relax with an amazing burrito, beer or cider, while comparing your times with your friends!