Family cycling together on the family cycle trail

Planning your summer holiday visit to the Forest of Dean Cycle Centre during Covid!

06/12/2020 by

As lockdown measures continue to ease, we all want to get back to exercising as near to ‘normal’ as possible, escape the local area and spend quality family time together!

Here at Pedalabikeaway we will be back open every day 9-5pm from the start of the school holidays, but it’s not quite business as normal, so here are a few pointers to help plan your visit!

Social Distancing

There are now various one way systems in place . Yes it can be a little confusing, but we have put out as much signage as possible to help you get to the right place! 

Our shop is now outside and next to where the toilets used to be. Bike hire is in it’s normal place with a one way system in and out (but you must pre book your bikes by midnight the night before via the website)

That last part is really important, as we have a smaller fleet than we are used to in the summer, and many bikes are selling out days in advance… get booking early!

The cafe also has a one way system where you order at the main door, and collect at the far end of the building by the outside tables.

The outside cafe is open every Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm, serving freshly made pizza, ice cream and snacks!

Unfortunately some tables are currently taped off, to keep people 2 metres apart, but there is still plenty of space, and we have invested in a huge marque to cover 6 of the outside tables as well!

We can’t maintain social distancing within our toilets, as there is only one entrance for the whole block, so instead there are now 2 sets of 3 portaloos on site, one set by the main building, and another in the overflow car park.

Obviously please be a trail centre hero and stay 2 metres apart, especially if you have to wait and queue : ) 

Be Prepared 

ITC first aid qualification

No one goes cycling planning on having an accident, but even if you are be careful, they do still happen! 

There is no first aid provision on site at the moment, so there are 2 things you need to be able to do:

  • Know where you are at all times – if you need to raise help, they will need to know how to find you. Our postcode is GL16 7EH, but once you are in the forest, you’ll need to be able to give a 6 figure grid reference. There are loads of apps that will do this for you, so why not download one just in case.
  • Look after yourself or the injured party, until help arrives. This could be up to 3-4 hours, so it’s worth having a spare layer and an emergency first aid kit with you.

If you are more than 50 metres from where an ambulance can get to (a wide well surfaced fire road), then you will need to call 999 and ask for the Police. Give them your grid reference, and they will co-ordinate the response, using the Severn Area Rescue Service. (like mountain rescue) 

Likewise you might have a long walk if you don’t have all the tools you need to keep your bike running. It’s worth carrying as a minimum:

  • Spare inner tube
  • Multi tool with a chain tool on it 
  • Tyre levers 
  • Mini pump
  • Your mobile phone.

You will also need to make sure you have plenty water before you arrive on site. There aren’t any working outside taps, so fill that bladder or bottle before you travel (we can of course sell you bottled water – but that’s an expensive way to do it!) 

Most importantly, whether you are riding the Family Cycle Trail, Mountain bike trails or downhills, get out there and have fun, wear a helmet and enjoy the great outdoors!