Women’s Coaching and Guiding Day


Full day of coaching and riding. Morning focusing on features close to the centre, then stop for lunch (included). After lunch we explore a little bit further afield – checking out the FODs secret spots and putting those new skills into practice. Finishes with a de brief in the cafe over some coffee and cake!

Sunday 18th March and Sunday 4th November – Aimed at the Beginner or Intermediate rider looking to improve their trail ‘flow’ and confidence. Focus on cornering, braking points, body position on the bike and line choice.
Saturday 17th March and Sunday 14th Oct– Advanced coaching focusing on the type of terrain you’d find on our downhill trails, including small jumps and drops.

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Ever wanted to get some World Class Coaching and explore all the trails that the #FOD has to offer? Here’s your chance

What’s on offer

A full day of coaching and guiding around the Forest of Dean with World Cup racer Katy Curd and our own Hannah Christie.
You will ride from coaching spot to coaching spot taking in some of the best singletrack along the way.
Coaching is focused on the level of rider
Intermediate coaching – you have been riding for a little while and are confident tackling blue graded mountain bike trails and the odd red. You are looking to improve your trail flow, work on carrying more speed through the corners, picking the right lines and get more confident of steep and more natural trails.
Advanced coaching – you have been riding for at least a few years and looking to take your riding to the next level. You are confident tackling most trails with your wheels on the ground and want to get more confident with jumps, drops and more technical terrain.

You will get a full lunch included, and cake and coffee at the end of the day when you complete the day as well as a full days riding for £75