PBA Cafe exterior with lots of people eating and drinking in sunshine with mountain bikes.

Be Nice, Say Hi!

11/21/2023 by

First off, we love e-bikes! I was an early adopter of the EMTB as it allowed me to commute off road from the Wye Valley to Pedalabikeaway and back again most days!

We are also seeing an increasing trend of e-bike sales. Over the last 12 months at our sister shop Pedal Syndicate over 70% of new bike sales have been EMTB’s

It’s introducing a lot of people to the world of mountain biking for the first time, and allowing others to come back to the sport, but also creating some conflict out on the trails!

E-bikes, by their very nature, allow you to ride uphill faster, ride in a tight group, and allow you to reach places you may not otherwise have been able to access.

All of these create challenges. We all ride mountain bikes for very similar reasons, and this is definitely not an us and them scenario…

But when we are on e-bikes there are a few things to be mindful of;

  • You’ll be approaching riders, especially uphill at much greater speed. Think ahead and slow down and be respectful of all other users – particulary younger riders, horses and walkers.
  • If you are riding in groups again be mindful of the other user groups. Big groups of riders can be quite intimidating to other users, especially when moving at speed.
  • Downhill the bikes carry huge amounts of momentum, so you may need to anticipate further ahead that you are used too, and give yourself a greater stopping distance.
  • The bikes may take you further away and potentially into more remote areas – do you have the appropriate kit with you?

E-bikes are growing, and will soon make up 50% of the mountain bikes out there, and they really do offer some massive benefits for both time, health and fitness.

If you haven’t tried one yet, we definitely recommend trying them – in particular the new breed of lightweight e-bikes. Are they the best of both worlds?

Ride Sheffield recently came up with a great and simple catch line ‘Be Nice, say Hi’ –  just slow down  and say hello.  A smile and a simple hello breaks down no end of barriers, after all, we are all mountain bikers…

Now get out there and ride.