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What to carry on your mountain bike ride

09/03/2019 by

Being based at a trail centre we see so many people head out unprepared onto the trails. But what should you carry?

Britishcycling have done the trail smart series which gives you a really good guide. It is pretty comprehensive, but better to have a little extra weight rather than a long walk home!

For hitting the trails here in the Forest of Dean we think you should definitely have;

·         Water – bottle or hydration system

·         Tubes/pump/tyre levers – even if you are running tubeless. CO2 is great if it’s raining, but shouldn’t replace your pump!

·         Small multi tool with a chain breaker on it. This Crankbrothers F-15 is our personal favourite.

·         Split link for your speed of chain – 9/10/11 or 12 are the most common now.

·         Rear mech hanger – for your bike. Saves you a long walk back to the car or to back to the centre!

·         Small first aid kit. Even though you are at a trail centre, it can take a considerable length of time for help to arrive. A small first aid kit could be a massive help. You can get super compact ones now that weigh next to nothing. Another useful piece of equipment is a buff – great for securing bandages, using as a sling or just to keep the chill away from your neck!

·         Small survival blanket – the little foil ones that they give to runners at the end of a race pack down to nothing, but can really help if you or a friend have an accident.

·         Your phone – if you were to carry nothing else, taking a phone is a must. Just be aware that the signal in the forest is intermittent at best, so you can often be out of signal.

With good packing, that will all fit in a 5-10 litre Camelbak like this lowrider version, and with water will still weigh under 2kg!