Hiplok Organiser with helmet, shoes and tools stored neatly.

Product Review: Hiplok Organiser – By Joe Goode.

02/06/2023 by

Product : Hiplok Organizer £39.99 currently in stock.

Overview : This is a handy storage solution for helmets and shoes but also features elastic loops to accommodate smaller items such as pumps, glasses and tools.

Best for : Carrying/storing equipment in your vehicle or at home in the garage, shed or bike cave. These are also the perfect gift as they don’t break the bank.

Application : They are really easy to install and can be attached to a coat hanger or screwed to a wall (fixings supplied).

Don’t take our word for it : The MTB Coaches and Wye MTB Staff have been using these in their vehicles recently, so why not go and ask how they are using them?

So why would you buy one? : If you’re anything like me, then you’ll hate it when you drive around a corner and your helmet or shoes fly off the seat or around the footwells! Being able to to secure the basics all in one place always helps reduce the faff and let’s be honest, we could all benefit from less of that in our lives. How many times have you had to look under the van seats for that elusive pedal spanner or allen key that’s rolled off somewhere? Well not anymore – I think I might have made myself a few more extra minutes riding!

Rating: 4.5/5*