Product Review: Unparallel Dust Up shoe – By Joe Goode

04/14/2023 by

So we have had Unparallel’s Dust up and Roost shoes in the shop here at Pedals for a few months, so like with most new brands or models that arrive in store, I like to road test them myself. I’ve been using a pair of the new Dust up shoes (£124.99) for around 3 months and I’m very impressed so far.

  • So why purchase these over a similar priced pair of 5.10’s? Good question! Personally I can feel the extra stiffness of the sole/chassis over a 5.10 Freerider Pro, and coming from someone who has used clipless pedals and shoes in the past, I find it very reassuring with no fatigue to the arch of my foot. The Dust Up’s sole uses a very similar compound to that of 5.10’s S1 sole which is also high on my list of “must have” features on this type of shoe.
  • Is this an all-year-round shoe? It certainly does a great job of keeping out the elements and we’ve certainly had every type of weather in the last few months! Despite a lot of rain, it’s done a fantastic job of keeping my normal socks dry, so big thumbs up there. It’s not been very warm as yet, so I haven’t had an opportunity to use them in the British heat. I don’t see any reason that they would be overly hot though as they weigh little over 400 grams – pretty respectable!
  • What’s the fit like? OK, so they feel a good length based on most brands, however they do feel ever so slightly narrower that the 5.10 Freerider Pro. They fasten with the trusted lace but also have a secure Velcro top strap for that little bit extra.
  • Any other reason to buy these? Well, if you’re anything like me, sometimes you just want a comfortable shoe that’s not too loud and shouty, so again classy styling that’s not plastered in logos, then this is the shoe for you.

Fancy something a little more casual why not pop into the shop and have a look at the Roost shoe at £110?